City of confusion Escape visit us and come discover Almoster and also Portugal. With a stay in the countryside can go hiking and biking to breathe the fresh air of nature and relax. Here we leave some local recommendations to visit.

Convento Santa Maria de Almoster

A national monument founded in the century. XIII, is part of a vast heritage who receives Santarém the title the "Capital of Gothic."

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Paths for mountain biking

Enjoy mountain bike paths that Almoster believes. Living a unique and radical experience.
This is the biggest national event dedicated to bike either for practicing professionals, sportsmen or even for the curious who just want to see.

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Pedestrian walk through the village of Almoster, being in closer contact with nature, a good way to know everything in detail, take pictures and create good memories.


Feira Nacional da Agricultura

Between the first and second week of June, takes place at the National Agriculture Fair in Santarém, which is visited by thousands of people all over the country. See below for a video as it was in 2014.

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Portas do Sol - Santarém (15 minutes from the Quinta Helena)

The doors of the Sun are currently some sections of the walls of Santarém Castle conquered in 1147 by the 1st king of Portugal, Afonso Henriques.

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Fátima (35 minutes from the Quinta Helena)

The city became known after the three children stated that they had seen the Virgin Mary in the form of Our Lady of Fatima.

Come also know the 7 wonders of Portugal, such as:


Castelo de Guimarães 

Birthplace of the first King of Portugal, Guimarães Castle is located in Oliveira do Castelo parish, town and Guimarães municipality, in the district of Braga, in Portugal.

Castelo de Óbidos (30 minutes from the Quinta Helena)

Just 30 minutes Santarém, is situated the Obidos Castle. Besides being able to visit and see this great sight, year height dependedo can enjoy the following fairs: International Chocolate Festival, Medieval Market and Óbidos Vila Natal.

Mosteiro da Batalha (50 minutes from the Quinta Helena)

World Heritage Manueline style and Gothic architecture, the Batalha Monastery was built in 1386 in gratitude to the Virgin Mary for the victory at the Battle of Aljubarrota that defined the future of Portugal.

Mosteiro de Alcobaça (50 minutes from the Quinta Helena)

First Gothic work of Portugal, is classified as World Heritage by UNESCO and as a national monument.

Mosteiro do Jerónimos - Lisboa (45 minutes from the Quinta Helena)

The beginning and the end of the construction of this monastery is marked by Vasco da Gama trip to discover the sea route to India, since it began in its starting and ending upon your arrival.

Palácio Nacional da Pena  (50 minutes from the Quinta Helena)

This palace features a mix of styles but is known to be architecturally romantic.

Torre de Belém - Lisboa (45 minutes from the Quinta Helena)

Surrounded by the famous river Tagus the walls of Belem Tower make this wonder one symbol of Portuguese nationalism, since it has them marked decorations coat of arms of Portugal.

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